About Us

We, Seoul Stop PH, envision to become the leading Korean Product provider in the Philippines. Selling only licit, affordable goods without risking our dedication of serving our customers at their utmost convenience and satisfaction. 


The gamble on entering the hub of K-wave started in October 2018.

Seoul Stop PH was founded by a 20-ish Filipina who has a heart for Korean Idols recognized across globes. The overwhelming demand of being an avid fan started with very personal, priced possessions that turned into collections. Until one day, this Filipina decided to sell these goods online knowing it’ll be grabs for others too.

The primary reason for Seoul Stop PH’s continuous operation would not be possible if not for the wide array of Korean fangirls and fanboys merged to support us and our products up to this day.

We will continue to make new possibilities with you and expect us to become better for you.



Seoul Stop PH is a one-stop shop that offers budget-friendly Korean products and K-pop merchandise. Our primary duty is to provide you with great service that would only require you to choose from our offers by pre-order.

All you have to do is order, and wait for your products to arrive from South Korea to your doorsteps.



We know how you feel! We understand how excited you are-- the urge to unbox ordered items right after it has been shipped to you, is undeniably satisfying.

Seoul Stop PH reads through your messages, managed by our ever-approachable customer service assistants. You may drop your queries through the following social media accounts and email where Seoul Stop PH operates.

We make sure to answer them within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).